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Greatness is not where we stand, but in what direction we are moving.

We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it –

but sail we must and not drift, nor lie at anchor. – Oliver Wendell Holmes


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5 for 5 blog – Leaders Alter Vectors

24 Aug
  Good morning everyone.   I recently had a chance to  listen a great episode of the Entre Leadership podcast. This particular episode featured Bob Buford and Jim Collins, and they were discussing Peter Drucker’s impact on not managing but...
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Sometimes one unexpected thought becomes the bridge that lets you traverse the country of the familiar in an unprecedented way.

-Rebecca Solnit (from “A Field Guide to Getting Lost”)


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The difference between a pebble and a mountain lies in whom you ask to move it.

-Marcus Buckingham


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5 for 5 – Gone Exploring

3 Aug
Good morning everyone. Actually……it will be a very brief 5 for 5 this week as I am out on the US West Coast for some vacation with my family. So I am very sorry, but no articles this week. I...
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